Spy Monkey Creations

Battle Tribes Tribal Protector

Defender of the Tribe

The Tribal Protector is a mysterious figure.

He defends his tribe and is the strong right hand for the oldest and wisest elders the Cats Tribe. Those of the Cats Tribe roam the realm and are often encountered when least expected, usually living in small groups or pairs. Only once a year does the tribe gather for their secret moolight ritual of rejuvenation. And on that night, the Tribal Protector ensures that even the strays and the lost find their way home to the tribe. Sometimes that means fighting fearsome foes and beasts to liberate his fellows, and the Tribal Protector is always equal to the task.

Like all of the Cats Tribe, he has three names, the last secret name a word of great power, known only to him and those he trusts the most... And that trust is hard won. The Cats Tribe are by nature secretive and aloof, but can become loyal friends and allies if the proper respect is offered and gifts exchanged.

I find any time spent with them is well spent, though they seem to have a disturbing ability to pierce all veils and see one's true nature...

Each 3" Battle Tribes Action Figure is injection molded in durable PVC plastic and is fully interchangeable with all Glyos System action figures.